Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Who says you can't wear white for Christmas? Forget that "no white after Labor Day" rule and take inspiration from the illuminated and glamourous hue that makes a statement all year round.

(BCBGeneration via Lord and Taylor)

(Marchesa Resort 2012)

(Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2011-2012)

(Jason Wu Spring 2012)

(Marchesa Resort 2012)

I am absolutely OBSSESSED with this embroidered Marchesa masterpiece... I would give away my whole wardrobe, possibly even my house for this beauty. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad bit but this dress by itself is bold, sexy, yet feminine -- an absolute MUST-HAVE.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Looking Good For Less

The holidays are probably the most busiest times of the year; there is christmas shopping, eating, and most importantly of all, PARTYING, to be done. Even if the cold weather puts a damper on dressing for these fabulous soirees, fear not for Ted Gibson, aka the Hair God, is offering an awesome and limited-time offer to receive a blowout, haircut, or highlights (or all of them if you want to go all out!) for up to half-off the original value! I am talking a $45 blowout from the hands of a genius that usually goes for $95! So run on down to the Ted Gibson Salon and beautify yourself - it would be a well-deserved gift from you to you.
AFTER (just look how happy she is... that could be you!)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Versace for H&M.. Hm..

Like most who love reasonably-priced-yet-cute-and-decent-quality clothes, I spend way too much time thinking about H&M.  I flipped when I found out VERSACE was going to do a collab!  I didn't hear anything about it after the announcement, but I remembered today, and when I went to look it up, I was severely disappointed.

Have you seen it?
What do you think?

Personally, the only thing I would think about buying is this:

and for $150 dollars, I would put those thoughts away!

Maybe I just don't get high-end designers?
Off to shop cheap-and-cheerful Forever 21.
Have a lovely day!

(Update:  I bought a candle!! 'Spiced Pumpkin Latte.'  My mother absolutely hates it.  Oh well.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feather Crazy!

Y'all know how feathers got crazy hyped this summer?
Well, I was one of the biggest supporters.

Feather earrings, feathers on hair, feathers on clothing, feathers freakin' everywhere.
I used to have five different feather extensions all over my head! They've since fallen out and I've been too lazy to put them back in, but they still have a place in my heart.  Take a big bag of feathers, unfabulously bare nails, and a little homework-procrastination, and you have


Kinda cute, right?
I actually really love this look - it's chic enough to be noticeable and noteworthy, but tame enough for anyone to pull off! 

All you need is:
- nude/neutral base coat
- top coat
- a pair of scissors (I used a tiny eyebrow one!)
- tweezer
  1. PAINT a base coat and two coats of a nude polish on all your nails.
  2. LET DRY, and pick out some feathers with interesting designs.
    • Try to pick feathers that aren't so separated - you want full coverage!
    • Only use the end of the feather, where there isn't really a middle stem. (It'll be too bumpy and just complicate things)
    • I say avoid the cool iridescent ones.  They don't come out how you'd expect them to.  They lose that awesome shimmer.
  3. TRIM FEATHERS to shape of cuticle if needed. Some feathers will be perfectly round, while others will dips and be a little funky.  (You'll place the tip of the feather on your nail and have the stem hanging off.)
  4. PUT ON ONE COAT OF TOPCOAT AND STICK ON YOUR FEATHER.  Use tweezers if necessary.  Try to stick it on there pretty well.
  5. TRIM AND FINISH.  I usually do a couple nails at a time, sticking feathers on maybe 3 fingers, then I trim all the stems and then do a final, thick topcoat.  However, last time I messed up some of it, so you might want to try trimming and finishing one nail at a time.

Ignore the awkward shadow. And awkward hand position.  It's really hard to take pictures of yourself!

So what do you think? Would you try this look?

If you do, comment below or tweet me a pic!


I'm Freakin Obsessed

I can't get it out of my mind..  I think about it all the time.. When I'm bored, when I'm working..  All I want is..

CANDLES. For reals.

It's the season of cozy, the season of baking and snuggling and gorgeously crackling fires.  What better to accompany all of those senses than a wintry candle?

(The color isn't ideal, but Fleur's description makes me want to get it so badly!)

I would add "CANDLES!!!!!!!!" to my Christmas wishlist, but I'm bankin' on a 3-month Birchbox subscription (Hint hint, dear sister of mine).

What are you guys wishing for this year?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Beauty Recipes! Love!

I love DIY beauty tips and tricks.
I do the sugar scrub all the time in the chapped-lips months of winter!

Stay beautiful!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Sleepover Binge

I have always believed in choosing your friends wisely, and I feel proud to say that I have accomplished that. Now, there is a difference between appreciating ones talents and taking advantage of them, which is the case when it comes to Kayee aka my chef/culinary genius/ forever 21 fanatic. Her being able to spend the night was a miracle in itself but her clam chowder and homemade brownies and chocolate mint cookies? Well, words cannot express my excitement seeing how I was too busy licking the icing off of my fingers. Pigging out into the wee hours of the night? Absolutely no regrets!
(Note Kayee's adorable Beauty and the Beast sweatshirt from Forever 21!)
Kayee being her adorable self
Brownies...fresh from the stove
The result of gluttony!

Cookies (pre-baked)

Chocolate Mint Cookies... om om ommm

Words of Wisdom, via WNTW

 I LOVE What Not to Wear. It's hilarious, and a look at the fab hosts!

Clinton Kelly: I like to say that style is half-fashion, half-confidence.
Stacy London:  Clinton, I've never heard you say that.
Clinton Kelly:  I know, I just made it up.

Even though he pulled it out of his bum, I love that quote.
Be confident, people. There's beauty in everything!

(Also, unrelated snippet about my life: I bought Rage by Orly.  Rose-gold perfection!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's hard to believe that we're already in December -- boy how time flies! So spend this last month looking fabulous by taking the Dressember Challenge; basically you wear a dress each day of the month. That's right: say Sayonara to your leggings, pants, sweats, and cherished jeans for a whole month. I don't know about you, but I certainly do not own 31 dresses - but this is where the creativity and innovation of creating your outfit comes in and you never know what you'll be able to come up with. I'll be posting up pics soon in order to illustrate my efforts in completing this challenge...I need some fun and distraction from stressful college apps!

Here's some inspiration for any outfit ruts:
Good luck and let us know how your experience goes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It was twenty degrees outside on  a dark night in New York City.
A line formed outside of a virtually unmarked building.
What was going on?


 (They stamped our hands.  It looks like "icky" more than "lucky" but in hindsight, 
that's actually appropriate!
 We were freezing our butts off and absolutely starving!)

After waiting for a REALLY long time, with restlessness increasing around us on line, we finally got in.
And it was AMAZING.
Clothes everywhere.  Jewelry to the ceiling.  Rich people buying stuff all around us!

 Honestly, the sight of all those gorgeous, high-end, beautiful clothes was a little too much for my poor heart to bear.
But even though we couldn't buy it, we could touch it!
And believe me, they all felt goooood.

 (How gorgeous are these colors?!
Some vintage brand.

We quickly found a mini pink carpet, and the stars began to file down the line.

First, Susan Lucci! 

Then, Abigail Breslin!
(Was she always this blonde?!) 

Since we had a DSLR, the other photographers kind of made way for us, and we started to get some pretty close pictures.

Yay for impersonating real paparazzi?

Stephanie March!
(And unnamed lady below)

(Do any of you know these people above and below?  
We just took pictures for good measure. Haha)


(All the make-up artists in the Maybelline makeover section FREAKED.)

I'd say Chels and Coco are pretty cunning.
We found the best spot to stay, and basically made it our home for almost an hour.
The best place: next to the waiter's exit from the kitchen!
First dibs on free food.  Boo-yah.

Fried chicken in pastry shells served with Rum and Coke in a mini coke bottle.
(Yes, a bottle!  A bunch of them shattered on the floor a bunch of times.
I know, people just go so crazy for free food.  Unlike us.  Wink.)

Smoked salmon and wasabi caviar on rye toast.  
Cut in the shape of a little pig!
With a black sesame seed for an eye!
How genius is this? 

Mmm.  Freakin' mini grilled cheese sandwiches.
(Notice how the bread was not just a square, it looked like a real slice of bread!
But miniature!)  

Not completely sure what the heck this is.  Vegetable lasagna served on a basil leaf, maybe?
If it was, Coco was definitely happy after this picture.
The last layer on the lasagna was crunchy 
(probably fried. our health teachers would not be happy.)
and delicious!
We definitely took seconds of it.

Meatball with a swirl of spaghetti and a drop of sauce on top!
(Behind the scenes: Coco dropped her meatball on the camera while taking this picture.
Good times!)

Cucumber cup with lobster and something green on top!

The lovely people at the Maybelline station gave us absolutely free, absolutely wonderful
They matched our colors (Fit Me 230 for Chels)
and then let us choose one more thing to make over.

We did lips and skin! 

After we got fancy, we stumbled upon DRINKS AND DESSERT!

Free soda!
There was water, and Sprite, and Diet Coke, but we got to the second floor pretty late
(we spent a looong time outside of the waiters' entrance)
so this was all we could find, drink-wise (that wasn't alcohol!)

Cotton candy on a stick!

 Apple crumb something and a mini milkshake (with a mini mini cookie on the rim)!
The crumb was so good - Coco had, like, 10 of them.
And the milkshake was so good, Chels took home the glass it came in. 


 Mini ice cream sandwich on a stick!


THE BLOGGERS (!!!!!!!)