Friday, October 28, 2011

Our First Time

This, like most 'first times,' will be a test run - faulty and awkward, but exciting nonetheless!
I'm not even sure if we'll keep this post since CP isn't with me, so it's not really OUR first time, but I want to try it out.
I was curious.
What possibilities are in store?  We can only wait and see..

I figured this title was appropriate in so many ways.
Today was the first time of the week CPCB didn't see each other! (Thanks to a glorious half-day)
Today was the first time I figured out how to get to our blog! (Hence my blogging)
Today was the first time I had a legit arm party! (Thus the following picture)

[Red - Forever 21]
[Men's Watch - Target]
[Sea Foam Green + Crystals - Target]
[Green/Gold Beads - part of a set, from Target]
[Teal - Target]

(^ I love Target.  Oh and I love to call it "Tar-ZHEY" à la Gilmore Girls.)

 Anywhoozle, this was supposed to be an introduction of sorts.
It didn't really turn out informative, so I'll leave you with a picture of us.
ENJOY (I know I do, every time I see this picture!)

(CP is posed and poised, and I'm the dummy who wore a strapless dress in the fall. Oh life. Haha.)

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