Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It was twenty degrees outside on  a dark night in New York City.
A line formed outside of a virtually unmarked building.
What was going on?


 (They stamped our hands.  It looks like "icky" more than "lucky" but in hindsight, 
that's actually appropriate!
 We were freezing our butts off and absolutely starving!)

After waiting for a REALLY long time, with restlessness increasing around us on line, we finally got in.
And it was AMAZING.
Clothes everywhere.  Jewelry to the ceiling.  Rich people buying stuff all around us!

 Honestly, the sight of all those gorgeous, high-end, beautiful clothes was a little too much for my poor heart to bear.
But even though we couldn't buy it, we could touch it!
And believe me, they all felt goooood.

 (How gorgeous are these colors?!
Some vintage brand.

We quickly found a mini pink carpet, and the stars began to file down the line.

First, Susan Lucci! 

Then, Abigail Breslin!
(Was she always this blonde?!) 

Since we had a DSLR, the other photographers kind of made way for us, and we started to get some pretty close pictures.

Yay for impersonating real paparazzi?

Stephanie March!
(And unnamed lady below)

(Do any of you know these people above and below?  
We just took pictures for good measure. Haha)


(All the make-up artists in the Maybelline makeover section FREAKED.)

I'd say Chels and Coco are pretty cunning.
We found the best spot to stay, and basically made it our home for almost an hour.
The best place: next to the waiter's exit from the kitchen!
First dibs on free food.  Boo-yah.

Fried chicken in pastry shells served with Rum and Coke in a mini coke bottle.
(Yes, a bottle!  A bunch of them shattered on the floor a bunch of times.
I know, people just go so crazy for free food.  Unlike us.  Wink.)

Smoked salmon and wasabi caviar on rye toast.  
Cut in the shape of a little pig!
With a black sesame seed for an eye!
How genius is this? 

Mmm.  Freakin' mini grilled cheese sandwiches.
(Notice how the bread was not just a square, it looked like a real slice of bread!
But miniature!)  

Not completely sure what the heck this is.  Vegetable lasagna served on a basil leaf, maybe?
If it was, Coco was definitely happy after this picture.
The last layer on the lasagna was crunchy 
(probably fried. our health teachers would not be happy.)
and delicious!
We definitely took seconds of it.

Meatball with a swirl of spaghetti and a drop of sauce on top!
(Behind the scenes: Coco dropped her meatball on the camera while taking this picture.
Good times!)

Cucumber cup with lobster and something green on top!

The lovely people at the Maybelline station gave us absolutely free, absolutely wonderful
They matched our colors (Fit Me 230 for Chels)
and then let us choose one more thing to make over.

We did lips and skin! 

After we got fancy, we stumbled upon DRINKS AND DESSERT!

Free soda!
There was water, and Sprite, and Diet Coke, but we got to the second floor pretty late
(we spent a looong time outside of the waiters' entrance)
so this was all we could find, drink-wise (that wasn't alcohol!)

Cotton candy on a stick!

 Apple crumb something and a mini milkshake (with a mini mini cookie on the rim)!
The crumb was so good - Coco had, like, 10 of them.
And the milkshake was so good, Chels took home the glass it came in. 


 Mini ice cream sandwich on a stick!


THE BLOGGERS (!!!!!!!)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Times They Are A'Changing

Pardon us for not being consistent in our posts but reality has hit us right where it hurts and it has hurt our baby aka our newbie of a blog. Twenty-four hours in a day seems a sufficient amount of time to get things done, unfortunately that is not the case and we beg each and every night for MORE. However, life (and college applications) does not work like that and so, seeing how the year is almost coming to a close, we will try to post as much because if you had the chance to view how things work behind the scenes...we have plenty of enthusiasm and ideas!
In other news, we hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day and wore a pair of comfy sweatpants with elastic waistbands as a reward for stuffing their faces. It's the only right thing to do for one's bloated stomache.
Seeing how the holiday season has officially started (YAY!) start ur christmas shopping on, which was started by Rachel Bilson and includes a million of gorgeous shoes by none other than Steve Madden. My prayers have been answered and this site makes me feel like I have made it to heaven. Here are these gorgeous and practical taupe or cheetah print wedge booties to get you started! Smart shopping everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Bought and What I Got

H&M had crazy good stuff the other day!
Those shorts?  SEVEN DOLLARS.

These skirts?  $15 each!
Perfect for work.
(My boss gets angry when our hemlines are "too short."
It's like school all over again.)

This dress was regular price (a still great $12.95)
but I've been dying for a striped dress to wear with a denim jacket.
I've been wanting to put that outfit together since I saw a girl sporting it in the summer.

 I realize I can't wear this dress for two more seasons, but hey.
At least I have it?

(What I Bought)
(What I Got)
I went back to Ulta for my free, thanks-for-becoming-a-member swag!

It came with a 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, bubble bath..

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo 

(I've been a fan of this dry shampoo stuff for a while, and I have a couple from when they were on sale
so I didn't NEED this, but it'll be nice to try a different brand.
I normally stick with FreshStart by Tresemme!)

Some sort of "Modelling Paste" that I'll experiment with when I'm bored at home one day..

And black eyeliner!
Even though it's not liquid, I'll try it.
I am never opposed to free things!