Thursday, November 10, 2011


(See what I did there?)

So, I love watching videos on the Tubes of You of all those fashion-hair-makeup gurus.
They all RAVE about Ulta and its high-end products.
And they sHhow their hauls in videos, and it made me really want to go!
So one finally opened in Queens, and I am one membership richer.  (But 40 dollars poorer..)

MY JOURNEY TO ULTA: A Tale of Love and Longing

 ZOYA nail polish - $8
(anyone wanna buy it off me? i only used it once!)

I thought I would get a color like this (Chanel's Peridot 531, LOVE) but I was mistaken.  It was too dark for me, and actually looked better when I started to take it off - the color was fading a little and left just a golden shimmer.  It looked like vintage furniture when some of the paint fades - gorgggg.

ZOYA in "Jem" - $8
I have much higher hopes for this one!
I think the color is lighter, girlier, and the shimmer looks amazing - can't wait.

Butter London Nail Stickers - $10

I am dying to try anything Butter London (mostly British Racing Green!) but didn't want to pay 14 for lacquer, so I decided to try their version of the nail polish strips.
I have some Sally Hansen ones, and I love them, but these looked more detailed and the packing was just SO DARN CUTE.
How could I resist?

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - $17

My cousin (a former MAC makeup artist!) gushed over this a couple of years ago.
That was when I had no idea what the heck primer and bronzer and Urban Decay was.
Now that I'm all grown up (hah. jk.) I am prepared to go to war with those dang pimples. 

So basically, I had a fabulous time at Ulta.
I'll definitely be going back.

(But mostly 'cause they owe me free stuff - check dat rain check. Yay memberships)

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