Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feather Crazy!

Y'all know how feathers got crazy hyped this summer?
Well, I was one of the biggest supporters.

Feather earrings, feathers on hair, feathers on clothing, feathers freakin' everywhere.
I used to have five different feather extensions all over my head! They've since fallen out and I've been too lazy to put them back in, but they still have a place in my heart.  Take a big bag of feathers, unfabulously bare nails, and a little homework-procrastination, and you have


Kinda cute, right?
I actually really love this look - it's chic enough to be noticeable and noteworthy, but tame enough for anyone to pull off! 

All you need is:
- nude/neutral base coat
- top coat
- a pair of scissors (I used a tiny eyebrow one!)
- tweezer
  1. PAINT a base coat and two coats of a nude polish on all your nails.
  2. LET DRY, and pick out some feathers with interesting designs.
    • Try to pick feathers that aren't so separated - you want full coverage!
    • Only use the end of the feather, where there isn't really a middle stem. (It'll be too bumpy and just complicate things)
    • I say avoid the cool iridescent ones.  They don't come out how you'd expect them to.  They lose that awesome shimmer.
  3. TRIM FEATHERS to shape of cuticle if needed. Some feathers will be perfectly round, while others will dips and be a little funky.  (You'll place the tip of the feather on your nail and have the stem hanging off.)
  4. PUT ON ONE COAT OF TOPCOAT AND STICK ON YOUR FEATHER.  Use tweezers if necessary.  Try to stick it on there pretty well.
  5. TRIM AND FINISH.  I usually do a couple nails at a time, sticking feathers on maybe 3 fingers, then I trim all the stems and then do a final, thick topcoat.  However, last time I messed up some of it, so you might want to try trimming and finishing one nail at a time.

Ignore the awkward shadow. And awkward hand position.  It's really hard to take pictures of yourself!

So what do you think? Would you try this look?

If you do, comment below or tweet me a pic!


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