Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovin' Dat Lacquer

I realized my love affair with nail polish was weird when people started commenting on just how much I do my manicure.
I figured, hey, a free period - I'll do my nails!
And they just thought, Woah, that's weird.

Regardless, I still do my nails every two days, and I still love it.
My burgeoning collection has yet to be complete - but I can still do some cool stuff!

(tip color, Rage - Orly)
(triangle base, Midnight Cami - Essie)
(base coat, All Hail the Queen - Butter London)

 Despite the smudge, and the fact that this thumb was the only digit that looked decent, 
I really liked this manicure - or the idea anyway.  

Try it yourself?  Tweet me or comment below!

Also i got a tripod for Christmas and this is one of my first shots!
You think it's too late to say "Happy holidays"?

xo, cb

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Lull and A Line

Hi, remember us?
Sorry we didn't remember you - with college apps, holiday fever, and wintry activities, C&C have been in a blogging lull.
However, I was just too excited not to mention

Y'all should definitely check out the whole line! It's gorgeous - I'll be knockin' down everything in my path come February 5th.